Jaipur Rugs:
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We proudly present this new video by
Bain and Company that divulges into the
heart and soul of Jaipur Rugs. Watch
now to experience how reconnecting
with our weavers helped revive and
expand our company's insurgency and
its innovative spirit.

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Our weavers connect
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When nature is your partner

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Tour Our Villages

“From chatting with weavers and their goats over a cup of chai to losing myself in ‘boli’ (weaving song) every bit was truly magical.”– Megan, U.S.A

Take a Jaipur Rugs village tour to experience India and its villages like never before. Travel down a mud path, past a tranquil cow who watches your progress into her home, leading to a place where laughter is warm and colours are loud . Read More

Our People

Our artisans are the pride of Jaipur Rugs. Every smile and every blessing is an affirmation of our purpose.

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