Jaipur Rugs has the best of infrastructure to match the requirements to operate at the global level, to compete with the products and support systems that are one of the best in the industry. Jaipur Rugs has been regular in updating the infrastructure needs of its business at the most efficient levels.

Jaipur Rugs Head Office

Jaipur Rugs Company Private Limited (JRCPL) encompasses a staff of 300 personnel servicing in 14 different departments. The head-office incorporates professionals, both technical and non-technical for various field and office based operations, like the IT executives, ERP supervisors, Operations and Human Resource officials, the store managers and basic employees for the finishing process of carpets. The company is equipped with latest software and hardware used in various processes.


From 1978 to now, we have grown from just 2 looms and 9 artisans to 40,000 artisans servicing over 7,000 looms. Majority of these artisans are illiterate women from the most backward classes like the SC/ST/OBC/minority communities residing in the remote villages of India. This network of weavers is maintained closely by our branch offices in different states.

Jaipur Rugs annual Production

Jaipur Rugs has its roots grounded in 6 different states being- Rajasthan, Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Madhya Pradesh. The weavers collectively give an annual production of approximately 5 million square feet, constituting of all kinds of rugs, namely, hand knotted, hand-tufted, hand-loom, punja weaves and flat weaves. Ranging in various collections and categories, with a variety of textures, primarily silk, wool, polyester, nylon, cotton etc. the products undergo numerous processes and manual labor. Recently, training processes have also begun in two additional states of Maharashtra and Jharkhand, which will soon start contributing to the actual production.


Jaipur Rugs have its carpets in the elite homes of over 40 different countries across the world. The USA is the major market of rugs where about 65% of our sales are done, followed by Turkey, Canada, Mexico, Germany, Australia, Russia, Spain, Italy, Romania, etc. where our products are sold.

design development

Jaipur Rugs has an in-house team of Designers and developers working on creating new designs as well as further facilitating the existing designs. Restructuring the previous designs in new sizes, different colors at times, even with different materials, this kind of processing is done by experienced and talented professionals with assistance of the latest technologies. Printing of maps, their instruction base as well as laminations along with many more functioning is done at our design and development department.

Jaipur Rugs IT operation

JRCPL has a functioning team of IT executives, ERP supervisors and Internet Marketing officials. These professionals carry out various operations. The ERP Navigation software is functioning to enable a systematic functioning throughout the manufacturing process. With this system, individuals can know about the exact state and condition of one particular carpet, under process by a weaver in a particular village. IT and internet marketing professionals take care of smooth running of processes with an in-house team of developers servicing the website and clients, at different stages with the catalog and other issues.

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