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India's largest manufacturer of hand knotted rugs, known globally as a leader in hand-woven rugs category. The artistic designs, tantalizing color combinations and the comfort feel of our products make JAIPUR's rugs the first choice around the world. Over the years, JAIPUR has continued to carry forward the rich heritage of designs into homes in more than 40 countries around the world. We produce an exclusive product range of rugs, pillows and poufs in numerous fabrics with aesthetic colors and sophisticated textures. With diversity in its collection and categories JAIPUR facilitates its customers with explicit selection of traditional to transitional tranquil surfaces expressed in leveled piles and flat weaves.

An expression to the visions of its founder, Mr. NK Chaudhary, JAIPUR is a product of love and humble being, which is produced by its extended family of thousands of artisans spread in different states of India. Empowering the grass roots, by providing them with sustainable livelihoods by introducing them to the carpet value chain, has not just given value to the business of Jaipur Rugs but has also extended its horizon of developing the society all together.

JAIPUR has a network of over 40,000 skilled artisans in rural India. We have linked the grassroots to the most elite and luxurious icons of the world. The business model of JAIPUR has woven happiness and smile into the life of rural artisans by providing them sustainable livelihood. With its base of operations in Jaipur city, also known as Pink City of India, the brand takes the artistic craftsmanship of hand-woven rugs to North America through its unit in Atlanta, Georgia (USA) and representatives across USA and Canada.

Jaipur Socio-Economic Business Model

Jaipur Socio-Economic Business Model
Fast Facts
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40,000+ home-based artisans spread across 600 villages in states of India.

7,000 looms create more than 500,000 rugs per year.

3,000 wool spinners before working for JAIPUR, most of them lived below the poverty line. JAIPUR is committed to bettering the lives of artisans and their families.

80% of JAIPUR artisans are women and live in disadvantaged communities of rural India.

Customers in 40 countries across the world.
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